Navajo Nation water project update

DigDeep was able to install nine home water systems to Navajo families in Dilkon before the pandemic brought the project to a halt. Dilkon is a town on the Navajo Nation located in Northeastern Arizona.
One of the recipients was Annie (left), who has lived in her house for 50 years without running water. She has always relied on hauling buckets of water from Coyote Springs. 
Now, Annie no longer needs to worry about water and physically straining herself to collect it. This new water system will save Annie money by not having to purchase water in case of emergencies, which will allow her to purchase more groceries. She is excited to use running water from her tap to wash dishes and clean around her home. Most importantly, Annie now has the freedom to spend her time doing the things that bring joy to her life, like being with her dogs, Kobe and Eugene, and doing crosswords and puzzles. Annie is very grateful to finally have running water in her home and is thankful to Rotarians for helping make this a reality.
Paul Perreault, who is chairing the project for the Four Peaks Rotary Club, said $100,000 of the project's money was diverted to provide installation of large water tanks to homes as a temporary fix. The Four Peaks Rotary Club donated $10,000 toward this initiative. The diverted funds will provide these water tanks to approximately 350 homes.
Paul said those who are still interested in donating to the project should contact him directly. To learn more about the project, visit the DigDeep website.