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September 27-28, 2024 

Get your pre-sale tickets here early!  Print and bring a copy of receipt.
$10 pp (see flyer for FREE admission)
Tickets will be also available to purchase at the entrance door. 

Event Sponsorship & VIP Opportunities Available - See Below!

Event Co-Chairs
Todd Harris, (847) 404-9701
Christine Colley
Sponsorships, Vendor and Advertising Opportunities
Frank Robinson, (708) 352-6120
KIDs Zone Area
Julie Ewald (708) 267-5266
13001 N La Montana Drive
Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268

The Cause

RAIN or SHINE, Four Peaks Rotary will continue a Fountain Hills tradition by hosting Oktoberfest. The German celebration, one of only a few AUTHENTIC events in the Valley, will take place September 27 and 28 from 4:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. in Centennial Circle at the Fountain Hills Community Center. 
The family event will include the famous Bier Stein holding competition and Alphorn blowing contest, best-dressed German attire contest, as well as an interactive area for the kids. A vendor area will offer a variety of themed items for sale. 
Four Peaks Rotary is honored to carry this popular Fountain Hills, Arizona event forward as a signature fundraiser to support the Four Peaks Rotary mission.  Proceeds from the event will benefit worthwhile causes locally and internationally.

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Die echten Waldbuam Sponsor

Contribution $5,000

Sponsor - Click Here

Music ~ Music ~ Music!

Tiki Taki.. Tiki Taki.. Oi Oi Oi...!!!

Traditional German brass band styles intermingled with modern classics

Direct from Germany, Die echten Waldbuam TAKES THE STAGE!  

Oktoberfest songs are indeed of the oom-pah-pah, bobbing up and down in your seat, variety – but not exclusively. Sure you’ve got some polka over here… but you’ve also got some electric guitar, hard rock busting speakers over there.  Music includes both traditional German brass band styles intermingled with modern classics, and all shouted at the top of your lungs.   But as they say in Germany*, there’s a fine line between polka and “Party time!”

While the selection of Oktoberfest music is as wide as your beer mug is deep, there are a handful you’re absolutely sure to hear and definitely more than once. 

A live DJ will supplement the event experience while our German musicians take short break throughout the evening. 

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The Oktoberfest is the largest Volksfest in the world. Every year at the fest, millions of people descend upon Munich to partake in the epic multiple-week party. So what is German traditional Oktober food? There are definitely staples of German cuisine and Oktoberfest specialties that help create the most fulfilling Wiesn experience possible. Knowing what food is at Oktoberfest will make your decision much easier.
A main staple of the fest is, of course, the Oktoberfest pretzel. It is not only a sideshow to other meals, like Strudel.  You can find giant pretzels that people prefer to enjoy by themselves. Usually is has a side of mustard, or with cheese. Kids Zone will make and even wear a Pretzel Necklace!
Regardless of your choice, all Oktoberfest food is delicious and worth trying. The most important thing is to make sure you enjoy yourself. To this end, there is no better way to enjoy whatever meal you decide to try than by wearing a nice traditional pair of Lederhosen.

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Contribution:  $5,000


Open 5:00 - 9:00 pm

Official beer is Hofbrau from Munich, Germany. Wine, water and soda will be available.
The German word for beer garden is biergarten, which is pronounced "bee-uh-gah-ten". Beer gardens are outdoor areas where people can enjoy beer and food, usually at shared tables under the shade of trees. They are a traditional part of German culture and are known for their sense of community, music, and large crowds!

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Register to compete
Begins promptly each day at:  TBD
Maybe you have seen this game already during Oktoberfest in Munich. All you have to do is to rise your mug with a straight arm in a 90° angle as long as you can. If you want to impress your competitors do not forget to smile. And if you loose don’t worry – just empty your stein and let German beer do its magic!

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Enter to compete and possibly crowned as the 2024 Fountain Hills "Alphorn Yodeling" Champion!

Register to compete
Begins promptly each day at:  TBD
Alphorn playing is sometimes described in history as “blown yodeling”, as “yodeling on the instrument”, or as “yodeling on the alphorn”. What is meant by this? On the one hand, it echoes the similar contexts in which yodeling and the alphorn were played, namely in the Alps when herding cattle and as a means of communication over long distances, but also for entertainment at festivals and competitions, such as those that took place as early as 1805 on the Unspunnen meadow in Interlaken. On the other hand, it is musical features that make the alphorn sound like a yodel. In “Alpine Vibes”, special attention is paid to these:

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The Four Peaks Rotary Oktoberfest has something for everyone! Kids get in FREE all weekend!  Free and low cost kid friendly activities, games, face painting, bean bag toss plus more available for all ages.
Mesmerizing Games: Put your skills to the test and win fantastic prizes at our assortment of engaging games. Test your aim, toss, and luck as you compete in friendly competitions that are bound to create a whirlwind of excitement.

We see a great fit to sponsor and gain exposure to a niche community audience keenly interested in your offerings.  Our different sponsorship packages will bring you: 

Brand visibility 
The opportunity to bring products/services directly to attendees
Social media mentions
plus more....

Thank you for considering this opportunity!  We look forward to possibly collaborating to make this event a standout experience in Fountain Hills, Arizona. 

Seeking Oktoberfest
Sponsorships, Vendors, Advertisers
For immediate response please contact an Oktoberfest Sponsor Chair
Frank Robinson, Club Vice-President @ (708) 352-6120

Biergarten Sponsor(s)

Contribution: $5,000

Die echten Waldbuam Sponsor(s)

Contribution $5,000

Munich Sponsor(s)

Contribution:  $2,500

Frankfurt Sponsor(s)

Contribution: $2,000

Stuttgart Sponsor(s)

Contribution: $1,750

Dierdorf Sponsor(s)

Contribution: $500

Vendor Sponsor

(10 tables available)

Contribution: $300

Community  Sponsor Advertiser

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$300, $500, $800

1/4, 1/2 or Full Page

Friends of Fountain Hills Advertiser

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Contribution: $250

The front entrance area of the Community Center
Community Center and Centennial Circle

13001 N La Montana Drive
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268


About Oktoberfest

All participants and their families are invited to join the tradition of Oktoberfest in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Bringing Oktoberest from Germany to Fountain Hills is a fun way to celebrate the tradition. 
The reason why Oktoberfest is so popular is the combination of hearty Bavarian cuisine and the many types of beer available from local breweries. In addition, you can enjoy traditional activities such as live music, dancing, games, and parades while enjoying the festive atmosphere.
We hope to see you there. Prost!